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January 08, 2017

Oh Where Can My Kitty Be?

I may be rambling a bit here, but I wished that SL was easier to explain to people who don't play it. I have introduced it to my really close friends but it is hard to explain to the whole community outside SL. 

I'm not a secretive person when it comes to my personal life as I feel it is more comfortable to keep it real in both virtual and real worlds. I enjoy sharing what I love which is photography, people I adore, places and things I enjoy, and that includes all games I play like SL. 

That being said though, I do respect those who make Second Life a confidential part of their lives and keep it that way. However why does it have to be seen as just that, "a secretive game"? 

There is a stigma associated with people who play Second Life, with the help of non-long term players or people from the outside who describe it as a game for virtual world sex, cheating and/or trolling. How sad, right? No one out there really takes notice of the creativity associated with such virtual worlds, which are made by the very talented users themselves. People just assume that players who play this game seek pleasure that they can't attain in real life or have a depressing life. If people are truly hurt and seek SL for relief, let them be, it is none of your business. Like many games, Second Life is to me is for fun. I play many games, especially MMOs that I enjoy in my spare time. Second Life is one I go back to keep updated with the community, talk to friends from the other side of the world, and check on my favourite designers and check out new ones. 

Lately SL has attracted a lot of creepers due to its terrible rep but to be honest with you, that goes for digital and real life. You're going to meet all sorts of people on your adventures in both worlds which makes it all the more exciting. It's ok because on this blog I'll keep you updated on what's up in SL and so forth. Therefore hope you enjoy, as there's more to come.

What I'm wearing:
Mesh Head: Catwa - Catya 
Mesh Head Applier: Pink Fuel - Sabine
Mesh Hands: Vista - Bento Prohands
Mesh Eyes: Catwa - Rigged Eyes
Eye Applier: DeeTaleZ - *Appliers* CATWA EYES 
Mesh Body: Maitreya - Lara
Hair: Magika - Falling
Dress: MaitreyaTwist Dress

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