Happy Easter!

March 30, 2013

Happy Easter everyone! OK maybe Easter is tomorrow but I'm busy tomorrow... Lol and I also owe you guys some posts. I've decided to wear something that's been in my inventory for a while. :P I'm trying to get out of my comfort zone by wearing something I don't normally wear. But it's red. :) LOVE red! Sexaaay red. OK I'm going to stop talking about red because you know I'm pretty obsessed with it. Really though, I can be a prude in SL. I don't know. I just don't show skin often. :P So shut up to those men who want me to because that won't happen! Don't you find it a wee bit too much when you see a woman in SL making their boobs super HUGE that it looks like it's melting? :O Seriously though, who wants saggy boobs? Yeah there are things called Mesh breasts now. They are nicer shaped but they look a little too big for me. :P Not like I have anyone here to show them off to. ;P LOL. 

Happy Easter

Anyway, I hope the Easter Bunny visits. :P I want chocolate! LOL. Instead I have bunnies. A lot of them!

Happy Easter my beautiful & silly friends & readers! :)

What I'm wearing: 
Skin: Belleza - Ava Medium 3 
Eyes: Mayfly - Deep Sky Eyes in Amber Pitch
Hands: Slink - Mesh Hands 
Hair: Exile - American Woman 
Outfit: Vogue - Easter Suit (Old Group Gift)
Shoes: Pure Poison (on MP) - GlamPumps


Happy Birthday to Me!

March 29, 2013

Good Morning
Hey it's been a while hasn't it? Sorry RL had to kick me in the- but I'm back now! :D It was my birthday... Two days ago (27th) so you could imagine what a crazy owl I've been. Keeping the post short today but I'll be posting again! 

Oh btw I'm really loving this Ava skin from Belleza. I't soooo pretty. 

See you guys for now! 

What I'm Wearing:
Hands: Slink - Mesh Hands 
Skin: Belleza - Ava in Medium 0 
Eyes: Mayfly - Deep Sky Eyes in Amber Pitch
Dress: Ducknipple - Mesh: Nightclub Dress w HUD
Hair: Truth @The Arcade Gacha Event - Video Games in Light Brown
Shoes: G-Field - Will in Ivory


Procrastination Meme

March 20, 2013

Hello. Yay! Berry recently came up with another fantastic meme for us bloggers. :) I think these are really fun because it's always cool getting to know someone. Especially if you are curious like me then you know that you just got to know! I'm sleepy (omg it's just 7 pm!) but just awake enough to procrastinate. Haha, alright here are my ten answered questions! :D

  • What is the rez date for your current SL Avatar that you use most often? November 08, 2011. My first ever avatar and my current one. :)
  • Where was the first place you made friends as a newb and got to know people in Second Life? I don't really remember the first place I visited but they were probably freebie places because you know... I was a newbie. :D I think Free Dove was one of them. After that I went exploring different sims and meeting people. I am shy so I guess I didn't make friends right away. :P
  • Where do you spend most of your SL time now? Homeless... Wandering the streets of SL. Particularly Bubblez' place because I enjoy how I'm not very disrupted there.
  • Who is your closest friend in Second Life? (only pick one) OMG I don't know! I can't choose. I think Digi is the only one who brings the full madness out of me :P LOL. 
  • What is the most favorite thing in your inventory? (only pick one) My owl Nox. We are bffs! 
  • The last thing you purchased in Second Life? Huit's: Skin fair 2013 gift (@The Skin Fair 2013)
  • What color clothing does your avatar wear most often? Red.
  • Do you prefer to walk, run or fly? For an owl I walk more than I fly. :P
  • What is the craziest thing you’ve ever done in SL? Errr listen to Digi? Man he is crazy. He has ran over me with his car, I've chucked him into an active volcano, I've tried feeding him to the Gods but they didn't like his smell so they didn't eat him. Well, at least the Gods spared our lives which made me relieved because all these disastrous storms and floods appeared when I was with Digi. :P And some other crazy silly things that I can't seem to think of at the moment. Too sleepy. 
  • Who would you like to play YOU, in the movie of your SLife? Natalie Protman
  • I hope you enjoyed that. I'm going to fly off but I'll be back... with my prey. :D  

    Goodnight and watch out for that little owl... Whoooooo~ 

    What I'm Wearing: 
    Skin: League - Isla in Medium Natural
    Eyes: IKON - Eternal in Brown
    Hair: Exile - Breathe Me in Cashmere 


    Group Gifts! Auxiliary Doll

    March 19, 2013

    Auxiliary Doll 
    Hey. :) I hope everyone's doing well. I've got more greens for us, yay! Auxiliary recently sent a gift to their group members. Which is this Doll Dress gift! The Auxiliary group is $1100L to join but the gifts are really great. :) 
    Auxiliary Doll 2
    I went for a little walk around the The Skin Fair and came across this pretty skin from Huit. It's free so check it out as well as the Skin Fair! Get off your pixel butt and go! :P I'll be right here. Making sure you come back with something. :)
    Auxiliary Doll 3
    Short post today. Goodnight everyone. :) 

    What I'm Wearing: 
    Skin: Huit (@The Skin Fair 2013) - skin fair 2013 gift - Free 
    Eyes: IKON - Eternal in Brown
    Hair: Truth - Evelyn in Coffee
    Dress: Auxiliary - Doll Dress - VIP Gift 1 ($1100L to join) - Free
    Shoes: G-Field - Long Cuff Boots "Will" in Ivory


    Loving You Is...

    March 18, 2013

    Hey all! I feel better now. :) I know... Daniellas are crazy! (Not offending any Daniellas I hope!) Well at least be glad to be seeing me in a good mood. I'd just like to share with you some old pics and my craziness below. :) Enjoy~

    "Loving you is hard to explain. It's the feeling that makes sleeping at night the best because it's like sleeping on the clouds... As if I'm being lifted up in the air but at the same time a warm and sweet feeling inside. As if my heart has been lit up and burning brighter and stronger each second. Non-stop. I must be crazy :P" - Daniella

    "My Silly Owl: No not crazy just sleepy and beautiful <3 Sleep now my naughty owl or else I'll have to go down there and make you! :P"

    Hehehe. Now of course I was good and slept. ;) You have no idea how crazy I get at night. It's so super hard to sleep with things always running through my mind. 
    These pictures are old but they still look alright. :D I'm not really that old anyway... LOL just a year and a bit. I just look newbie. Oh if you're wondering, I do not Photoshop any of my images for I do not own Photoshop. :P At times I may add filters and some effects from PicMonkey but a lot of the times I will just crop and add text. 

    Have a good day!

    What I'm wearing:
    Skin: Felony (N/A Store Closed) - Merry Christmas from Felony
    Eyes: Poetic Colors - Ocean Blue Surf
    Dress: Siss Boom - Wellington
    Hair: Osmose - Lanna in Onyx

    Blogging SLife


    March 17, 2013

    Hi again. Sorry for the depressive looking post... I know it's St.Patrick's Day today but to be honest I'm not feeling my best. :( It's all right, I guess. I just need something to do... But at the same time, I don't know what to do. Well you can see that I look terrible and I feel not so good but I guess blogging should help me in a way. I try not to blog negatively often because I know you guys will probably get sick. :P

    If only there was some way to make someone you love happy without yourself feeling hurt or afraid of what will happen in the end. I know the future is the future and we can't determine it so I just got to hope for the best. 

    I just had to add a song because I've been listening to quite a few to stop my brain over-thinking. :P I promise I'll try to be happier tomorrow. 

    Not really sure how to feel about it.
    Something in the way you move
    Makes me feel like I can't live without you.
    It takes me all the way.
    I want you to stay
    Ooh the reason I hold on
    Ooh cause I need this hole gone
    Funny you're the broken one but I'm the only one who needed saving
    Cause when you never see the light it's hard to know which one of us is caving...

    What I'm wearing:
    Skin: League - Isla in Medium Natural
    Hair: Elikatira - Caramel 
    Eyes: IKON - Eternal in Brown 
    Hands: Slink - Mesh Hands 
    Dress: Chrysalis - Lace Mini Dress in Black
    Eye Make-up: Spectrals (on Marketplace) - Crying Game-Mascara-Gift 

    Blogging SLife

    With Love, Luck, Happiness & Joy

    March 17, 2013

    Happy St.Patrick's Day
    Happy St.Patrick's Day!
    "May your pockets be heavy and your heart be light. May good luck pursue you each morning and night..."
    Happy St.Patrick's Day!
    Purple Moon makes beautifully detailed formal dresses and all kinds of clothing. Today could be your lucky day. :) This lovely Linnda in Green (St. Patrick's Day Gift) dress which includes the hat is their new group gift. The Purple Moon group is $50L to join but the amazing gifts they give out are worth so much more! :D

    Again Happy St.Patrick's day and always good luck! 

    What I'm wearing:
    Skin: League - Isla in Medium Natural
    Eyes: IKON - Sunrise in Celtic Green
    Outfit: Purple Moon - Linnda in Green - St. Patrick's Day Gift - Group $50L to join - Free
    Hair: Truth - Jade in Espresso 


    Let's Talk About Me: My Seven SL Facts!

    March 16, 2013

    Let's Talk About Me! 
    couple of days a go Strawberry Singh made a "My Seven SL Facts Meme." It's a good idea so I'm participating too. :) 

    Here are my seven SL facts!:

    My SL fact #1: Believe it or not, I'm actually really shy. So you will barely see me saying "hello" first when meeting someone. Although if you say "hello" to me then I will respond. :) I enjoy talking to all kinds of people just sometimes I assume I'll be disturbing them. :P I know I'm silly. Anyway say hi! I don't bite... Unless you're a chocolate coated cup-cake with a caramel coated strawberry on top.

    My SL fact #2: I enjoy my quiet time in SL but I do get easily distracted! Hehe, this is no ones fault. :P I don't mind getting distracted really. It gets me off my lazy pixel butt sometimes. :)

    My SL fact #3: I say I'm an owl but I don't really have an owl avatar... Boo! Well not yet anyway. ;) You'll mostly be seeing me in the air or on a tree somewhere. :P

    My SL fact #4: "My owl" refers to my RL lover and I am not interested in a SL one! Firstly because I love my owl to death. Secondly because it's hard to find someone who is dedicated, trustworthy and will give their whole life to be with you. To me it seems unlikely to find real love in SL. It is possible but rare. If you do find someone who is dedicated to you and will give you all their love in SL then best wishes to you. As long as you're happy, I'm happy for you. :) 

    My SL fact #5: My avatar has been hacked before! D: I have no idea how... I've always been very careful and aware of those phishing scams and stuff but I guess that wasn't enough. Luckily after contacting Linden Lab. A couple of days later, I got my account back. Untouched and safe. :D 

    My SL fact #6: I have to be obvious. :P I enjoy exploring! I guess this is because I live on adventure. I don't like staying in one place too long. I enjoy getting out there, learning and exploring new things. I do all the time. Which is probably why my brain is always filled of questions and curiosity. 

    My SL fact #7: My avatar is my RL self. I don't act like someone else in SL. I know it's a game and people have the right to do and be as they please but me personally, I feel most comfortable being myself. Therefore I can learn more about myself in this extraordinary world called Second Life.

    I hope you enjoyed my babbling and that you've learnt something about me. I would put more but your brain might explode! If you would like to know more about me then stick around. :)

    Have a wonderful day!

    What I'm wearing:
    Skin: League - Isla in Medium Natural
    Eyes: IKON - Eternal in Brown 
    Hair: Truth - Gunievere in Expresso 
    Sweater: Sassy - Cozy Sweater in Forest


    Club Abstraction

    March 14, 2013

    You know how I'm the biggest skin noob ever? Yes I am. I probably don't have many Belleza skins at all! I think I only have one, a couple of gift ones and then there's this one I'm wearing which is sooo pretty! You can find this Kate Abstraction skin gift at Club Abstraction. After joining their group of course. :) Club Abstraction is free to join. :D There are many gifts there from other designers too. If you're wondering where I am, I'm at The Forgotten City.   

    Goodnight all!

    Skin: Belleza [@Club Abstraction] - Kate Abstraction - Free to join Club Abstraction - Free
    Eyes: IKON - Eternal in Brown
    Hair: Alli&Ali Designs - Beachy Hair in Strawberry Cream (tinted black) 
    Dress: Purple Moon - Paula Gown in Purple
    Jewellery: Purple Moon - Pearl's Dream in White Earrings & Necklace

    Blogging SLife

    Forever a Nooot

    March 12, 2013

    What is a Nooot?!
    must irritate my owl (RL boyfriend) sometimes. ;) This was our conversation on skype!

    [3:05:35 PM] Sillieee Owl: you're better (heart)
    [3:06:03 PM] Daniella: no I'm not, I'm a baddd person
    [3:09:04 PM] Sillieee Owl: NO YOU'RE NOOOOTTTTT
    [3:09:36 PM] Daniella: if I'm nooot? when what am I? :P
    [3:11:05 PM] Sillieee Owl: ALWAYYSSSSS
    [3:12:02 PM] Daniella: fine... I'm always a nooot :P
    [3:12:19 PM] Sillieee Owl: :P
    [3:12:23 PM] Sillieee Owl: no way
    [3:12:23 PM] Daniella: hahaha
    [3:16:42 PM] Sillieee Owl: :P
    [3:17:04 PM] Daniella: (rofl)
    [3:17:20 PM] Daniella: what exactly is a nooot?
    [3:17:22 PM] Daniella: :P
    [3:17:30 PM] Sillieee Owl: no idea :P

    What's a nooot? Why am I a nooot? :O So many questions... so little time! 

    See you for now. :)

    [Note: I changed our names on Skype so don't bother searching up Sillieee Owl] :P

    [Update!! After begging my BF to tell me what a noot was he said it meant naughty :P ]

    What I'm wearing:
    Skin: League - Isla in Medium Natural
    Eyes: IKON - Eternal in Brown 
    Hands: Slink - Mesh Hands 
    Hair: Red(Mint) - Color Demos - Free
    Dress: Enelya's Créations - Kalista Tunic


    Aussie Owl

    March 11, 2013

    Black Hawk
    "I sense a Hawk behind me..."
    Hey. :) I went to visit Tempura Island because it seems that I don't go there enough. I know I'm crazy because Tempura is such a beautiful place. Yes I was sitting on the edge like every owl would do and looking sleepy. Quigley (quigleycunningham) was shocked when he saw me sitting on the edge. 
    [19:39] Quigley (quigleycunningham): cups my hands around my mouth"Hey Lady.....your not thinking about jumping are you???????"
    Haha of course I was not! I can fly. :) Thanks for watching out though Quigley.

    Yes... I did sense a hawk. Being the owl I am, I know when I sense another bird... :) Black Hawk (darkblackhawk) is a very kind person. When I first talked to him I knew he had a good heart. Hehe, we were talking about owls. I guess he was wondering why I was an owl. I have many reasons. :) Firstly, I love heights. Secondly, I love to fly. Thirdly, I love the night-time. Forth, I tend to think a lot. Fifth, I love exploring and lastly I find it hard to sleep at night. :P  

    [2013/03/10 19:46]  Black Hawk (darkblackhawk): so i'm sure u can have great time as a owl too
    [2013/03/10 19:46]  Daniella (daniellabui): haha yes, just sit on the edge :) Fly everywhere... be sleepy
    [2013/03/10 19:47]  Black Hawk (darkblackhawk): yesterday i watch a movie called "the legend of the guardians"...
    [2013/03/10 19:47]  Black Hawk (darkblackhawk): u know this one?
    [2013/03/10 19:47]  Daniella (daniellabui): I haven't seen that but I know there are owls
    [2013/03/10 19:47]  Black Hawk (darkblackhawk): yes
    [2013/03/10 19:47]  Black Hawk (darkblackhawk): :)
    [2013/03/10 19:47]  Black Hawk (darkblackhawk): i hope u can watch it too
    [2013/03/10 19:48]  Black Hawk (darkblackhawk): part of u
    [2013/03/10 19:48]  Black Hawk (darkblackhawk): maybe u will feel...
    [2013/03/10 19:48]  Daniella (daniellabui): haha yes :) It's always good to watch something that connects to you
    [2013/03/10 19:49]  Daniella (daniellabui): makes you realise things, if you know what I mean
    [2013/03/10 19:49]  Black Hawk (darkblackhawk): /me smiles
    [2013/03/10 19:49]  Black Hawk (darkblackhawk): yes
    [2013/03/10 19:49]  Black Hawk (darkblackhawk): i understand u
    Nice meeting you Black Hawk
    Thank you for your time Black Hawk. :)
    Oh and that's not all. When Black Hawk left, I flew onto this tree stump an sat there for while. Then I got a hello from Duchamp Magic. :) He's from America and as you all should know I'm Australian. Duchamp was wondering what life in Australia was like. Well, I said it was big and there aren't that many people. Then I told him that if he wants to come over to Australia he should learn how to survive it. Therefore I taught him some Aussie slang! LOL This was how it went...
    Duchamp 2
    [2013/03/10 20:41]  Daniella (daniellabui): g'day mate, you wanna come over this arvo for some tucker on the barbie?
    [2013/03/10 20:42]  Daniella (daniellabui): hahaha I do not talk like this if you're wondering!
    [2013/03/10 20:42]  Duchamp Magic: lol
    [2013/03/10 20:43]  Duchamp Magic: you are such a Jackaroo :)
    [2013/03/10 20:43]  Daniella (daniellabui): hahah :) Do you know what I asked you?
    [2013/03/10 20:43]  Duchamp Magic: nope
    [2013/03/10 20:43]  Duchamp Magic: lol
    [2013/03/10 20:43]  Daniella (daniellabui): good day buddy, do you want to come over this afternoon for some food on the bbq?
    [2013/03/10 20:43]  Daniella (daniellabui): lol
    [2013/03/10 20:44]  Duchamp Magic: are you making a quid?
    [2013/03/10 20:44]  Duchamp Magic: nice
    [2013/03/10 20:44]  Duchamp Magic: I kinda got it
    [2013/03/10 20:45]  Daniella (daniellabui): haha I don't even know some of these aussie slangs and I'm aussie!
    [2013/03/10 20:45]  Daniella (daniellabui): I've heard of them though
    [2013/03/10 20:45]  Duchamp Magic: :))
    [2013/03/10 20:46]  Daniella (daniellabui): yay you passed the aussie slang test! haha
    [2013/03/10 20:47]  Duchamp Magic: haha
    [2013/03/10 20:47]  Daniella (daniellabui): haha so I hope when you meet some of those aussies you can understand :p
    [2013/03/10 20:48]  Duchamp Magic: yeah
    [2013/03/10 20:48]  Daniella (daniellabui): anything I need to know about usa?
    [2013/03/10 20:48]  Daniella (daniellabui): I just taught you some pretty good survival skills :P
    [2013/03/10 20:48]  Daniella (daniellabui): lol
    [2013/03/10 20:49]  Duchamp Magic: yeah def
    [2013/03/10 20:49]  Duchamp Magic: BBQ is most important
    [2013/03/10 20:49]  Daniella (daniellabui): you can survive the outback now
    [2013/03/10 20:49]  Duchamp Magic: lol

    Ok enough chat logs for today. :P Have a good day (mate!) :)

    CRAZY People

    Rise & Shine!

    March 09, 2013

    Rise and Shine
    I feel purple today. Yes almost everyday is red, red, red for me. :P Not today because Red(Mint) (free to join) put a group gift up for their members. It is this purple hair! My purple Exposed Top is also free from Sakide on MP!

    Oooh I also found this bluedrop ring free on MP by Layla. :D

    Pretty much all the time my friend and I get up to and talk about the most random things! A couple of days a go this was how our convo went.

    [2013/03/07 00:58]  Silly: hey owl
    [2013/03/07 01:15]  Daniella (daniellabui): hey silly
    [2013/03/07 01:15]  Silly: lol
    [2013/03/07 01:15]  Silly: what's up hoot hoot
    [2013/03/07 01:15]  Daniella (daniellabui): I need sleep!
    [2013/03/07 01:16]  Silly: lol
    [2013/03/07 01:16]  Daniella (daniellabui): lol
    [2013/03/07 01:16]  Silly: lol  at this time!
    [2013/03/07 01:16]  Daniella (daniellabui): ok maybe not now, I won't sleep anywher
    [2013/03/07 01:16]  Daniella (daniellabui): anyway*
    [2013/03/07 01:16]  Daniella (daniellabui): I need to look for my owl first :O
    [2013/03/07 01:17]  Silly: lol
    [2013/03/07 01:17]  Silly: oh..
    [2013/03/07 01:17]  Silly: so that's what was in the oven
    [2013/03/07 01:17]  Silly: oops
    [2013/03/07 01:17]  Silly: lol
    [2013/03/07 01:17]  Daniella (daniellabui): omg how could you?!
    [2013/03/07 01:18]  Silly: it had feathers
    [2013/03/07 01:18]  Silly: lol
    [2013/03/07 01:18]  Daniella (daniellabui): Hey silly can I come over for dinner? >:S
    [2013/03/07 01:18]  Silly: hmm what willyou bring?
    [2013/03/07 01:19]  Daniella (daniellabui): a big knife.
    [2013/03/07 01:19]  Silly: umm
    [2013/03/07 01:19]  Daniella (daniellabui): and fork

    I think "silly" knows who he is. ;P
    Do not bother asking me who -I mean where that meatball came from. Yes I managed to save my owl! Silly if you dare steal my owl from me and put him in your oven again. This is will happen to ya! :P *Goes grab my big knife just in case*

    What I'm wearing:
    Skin: League - Isla in Medium Natural
    Eyes: IKON - Sunrise Pale Rose 
    Hands: Slink - Mesh Hands 
    Jeans: Mon Tissu - Denim - 1929 Cigarette in Dark
    Hair: Red(Mint) - gG 03'13 - Group Gift (free to join) - Free
    Shirt: Sakide (on MP) - Exposed Top in Purple - Free
    Ring: Layla - Bluedrop Ring - Free
    Fork: Boof (on MP) - Fricking Huge Spaghetti Fork - (used to be free... Can't seem to find it in store)

    Blogging Fashion


    March 07, 2013

    Hey everyone. :) OMG I've been so busy and SL has been a meanie to me! I'm back-ish so no need to frown, smile. :) I have some freebie finds for you... YAY. Who doesn't love freebies? Especially good qaulity ones!  While I was browsing through Marketplace I found this Candy Pop skin which is free from cStar! It comes with a fullpack of different skin tones and all of them features this pretty rainbow eye shadow. There are many more free things offered by cStar in the Marketplace store at the moment. So be sure to check that out. :) These beautiful Lucid Machine eyes are a group gift from IKON (free to join)

    Right now I'm climbing a ladder... but guess what? I'm going rock climbing soon! Yes the owl is rock climbing. Spread the word. :D You should know how much I love heights.  I absolutely hate it when people call me crazy when I say I love it. :P 

    Oh well. Goodnight all! :) 

    What I'm wearing: 
    Skin: cStar Limited (MP) - Candy Pop 2.0 Fallpack - Free
    Eyes: IKON - Lucid Machine Eyes - Free Group Gift (Free to join)
    Hands: Slink - Mesh Hands 
    Hair: CaTwa - Candy V2 



    March 03, 2013

    Autumn 2
    Oh I almost forgot! Do you know what season it is in Australia now? Yes it's Autumn!!! I love Autumn because of the reds, oranges and yellows everywhere. Is that all? Nope. That's because it's my RL birthday in 24 days! (27th of March). Yaaaayy! :) 

    I'm at Tempura Island. A very beautiful sim with lots of friendly people. :) I'll show you more photos some other time. Everybody should know this amazing place. Come visit it for yourself. :) 

    Have a good day or night or in between! :P

    What I'm wearing:
    Skin: League - Isla in Medium Natural
    Eyes: IKON - Eternal in Brown
    Hands: Slink - Mesh Hands 
    Hair: Exile - A Winter's Tale in Marone
    Outfit: Monso - My School Look Blazer (with hud)
    Shoes: G-Field - Long Cuff Boots "Will" in Ivory

    Bliensen + MaiTai

    A Little Bit Off The Wall

    March 02, 2013


    Sorry everyone but I think I'm lost. I haven't gotten a clue where I am but I say it's Off The Wall.

    Off The Wall

    I've been exploring this sim and I sort of feel like Alice in Wonderland but I've fallen into a video game world with all these wacky, fun and crazy things around me!


    There were HUGE sunflowers and daisies but I didn't see enough roses. :P Although I did find this big pretty red one. Which you can find on Marketplace by Glacé Pearls. It's transferable so you can gift it. :) Yay! 


    Apparently giant pink bunnies likes them too. That explains why there aren't enough red roses here! :o I tried scaring the big fella away but he ended up chasing me. D:

    Fly awaaay

    I quickly grabbed this magical backpack (which is free as you can see :D) and amazingly I was able to get away. :)

    A Bit Off the Wall

    I might just be a bit off the wall but you gotta come check it out for yourself! 

    Come Off The Wall with me!

    What I'm wearing:
    Skin: League - Isla in Medium Natural
    Eyes: IKON - Eternal in Brown
    Hair: Lelutka - Happy Holidays
    Earrings: Bliensen + MaiTai [@The Wash] - Rosa Rosa Earrings in Red - $10L
    Dress: Celoe - April Dress Pinup in Red
    Headband: Yumi ChiuhRibbon Hair Band in Red Satin - $1L on MP
    Rose: Glacé Pearls - Valentine Rose with Heartbeat - Free on MP
    Feet: Meli ImakoFull Perm Rigged Mesh Ladies Meli Tip Toe Bare Feet - Free on MP
    Hands: Slink - Mesh Hands 


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