Valentines Owl Angel ❤

February 12, 2013

Valentines Ow-Angel 

Hey it's me! Daniella! Dani? I hope you still remember me :P Of course I remembered you... Person behind the screen, with your glaring eyes :O I'm sorry for being busy. I hope you can forgive this ow- I mean Angel. Short post today because I love you :)

Valentines Angel

Whether you've gotten a Valentine or not. That's fine. I've gotten a date with the Oompa Loompas so I can't really help you. Although that doesn't mean we can't spread the looooove. Yes you can :) Spread the loooove everywhere and everyday! To your friends, family and people close to you. Maybe even spread the chocolate and roses ;) Make someone's day! If not then... you can always dress up cute and sexy.

What I'm wearing:
Skin: League - Isla - Medium
Hair: Exile - Stay the Night - Raven
Eyes: IKON - Eternal - Brown
Dress: Mon Tissu - Frock Dress - White
Bra: Adagio Lingerie - Part of [Adagio White Collection] on MP
Wings: BOOM - Aranel's Wings (It's so cute!)
Shoes- Purple Moon - Lace Pumps - White
Hands: Slink - Mesh hands
Make-up: League - Isla Lipstick - Crimson 

Spread the looove 

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