Aussie Owl

March 11, 2013

Black Hawk
"I sense a Hawk behind me..."
Hey. :) I went to visit Tempura Island because it seems that I don't go there enough. I know I'm crazy because Tempura is such a beautiful place. Yes I was sitting on the edge like every owl would do and looking sleepy. Quigley (quigleycunningham) was shocked when he saw me sitting on the edge. 
[19:39] Quigley (quigleycunningham): cups my hands around my mouth"Hey Lady.....your not thinking about jumping are you???????"
Haha of course I was not! I can fly. :) Thanks for watching out though Quigley.

Yes... I did sense a hawk. Being the owl I am, I know when I sense another bird... :) Black Hawk (darkblackhawk) is a very kind person. When I first talked to him I knew he had a good heart. Hehe, we were talking about owls. I guess he was wondering why I was an owl. I have many reasons. :) Firstly, I love heights. Secondly, I love to fly. Thirdly, I love the night-time. Forth, I tend to think a lot. Fifth, I love exploring and lastly I find it hard to sleep at night. :P  

[2013/03/10 19:46]  Black Hawk (darkblackhawk): so i'm sure u can have great time as a owl too
[2013/03/10 19:46]  Daniella (daniellabui): haha yes, just sit on the edge :) Fly everywhere... be sleepy
[2013/03/10 19:47]  Black Hawk (darkblackhawk): yesterday i watch a movie called "the legend of the guardians"...
[2013/03/10 19:47]  Black Hawk (darkblackhawk): u know this one?
[2013/03/10 19:47]  Daniella (daniellabui): I haven't seen that but I know there are owls
[2013/03/10 19:47]  Black Hawk (darkblackhawk): yes
[2013/03/10 19:47]  Black Hawk (darkblackhawk): :)
[2013/03/10 19:47]  Black Hawk (darkblackhawk): i hope u can watch it too
[2013/03/10 19:48]  Black Hawk (darkblackhawk): part of u
[2013/03/10 19:48]  Black Hawk (darkblackhawk): maybe u will feel...
[2013/03/10 19:48]  Daniella (daniellabui): haha yes :) It's always good to watch something that connects to you
[2013/03/10 19:49]  Daniella (daniellabui): makes you realise things, if you know what I mean
[2013/03/10 19:49]  Black Hawk (darkblackhawk): /me smiles
[2013/03/10 19:49]  Black Hawk (darkblackhawk): yes
[2013/03/10 19:49]  Black Hawk (darkblackhawk): i understand u
Nice meeting you Black Hawk
Thank you for your time Black Hawk. :)
Oh and that's not all. When Black Hawk left, I flew onto this tree stump an sat there for while. Then I got a hello from Duchamp Magic. :) He's from America and as you all should know I'm Australian. Duchamp was wondering what life in Australia was like. Well, I said it was big and there aren't that many people. Then I told him that if he wants to come over to Australia he should learn how to survive it. Therefore I taught him some Aussie slang! LOL This was how it went...
Duchamp 2
[2013/03/10 20:41]  Daniella (daniellabui): g'day mate, you wanna come over this arvo for some tucker on the barbie?
[2013/03/10 20:42]  Daniella (daniellabui): hahaha I do not talk like this if you're wondering!
[2013/03/10 20:42]  Duchamp Magic: lol
[2013/03/10 20:43]  Duchamp Magic: you are such a Jackaroo :)
[2013/03/10 20:43]  Daniella (daniellabui): hahah :) Do you know what I asked you?
[2013/03/10 20:43]  Duchamp Magic: nope
[2013/03/10 20:43]  Duchamp Magic: lol
[2013/03/10 20:43]  Daniella (daniellabui): good day buddy, do you want to come over this afternoon for some food on the bbq?
[2013/03/10 20:43]  Daniella (daniellabui): lol
[2013/03/10 20:44]  Duchamp Magic: are you making a quid?
[2013/03/10 20:44]  Duchamp Magic: nice
[2013/03/10 20:44]  Duchamp Magic: I kinda got it
[2013/03/10 20:45]  Daniella (daniellabui): haha I don't even know some of these aussie slangs and I'm aussie!
[2013/03/10 20:45]  Daniella (daniellabui): I've heard of them though
[2013/03/10 20:45]  Duchamp Magic: :))
[2013/03/10 20:46]  Daniella (daniellabui): yay you passed the aussie slang test! haha
[2013/03/10 20:47]  Duchamp Magic: haha
[2013/03/10 20:47]  Daniella (daniellabui): haha so I hope when you meet some of those aussies you can understand :p
[2013/03/10 20:48]  Duchamp Magic: yeah
[2013/03/10 20:48]  Daniella (daniellabui): anything I need to know about usa?
[2013/03/10 20:48]  Daniella (daniellabui): I just taught you some pretty good survival skills :P
[2013/03/10 20:48]  Daniella (daniellabui): lol
[2013/03/10 20:49]  Duchamp Magic: yeah def
[2013/03/10 20:49]  Duchamp Magic: BBQ is most important
[2013/03/10 20:49]  Daniella (daniellabui): you can survive the outback now
[2013/03/10 20:49]  Duchamp Magic: lol

Ok enough chat logs for today. :P Have a good day (mate!) :)

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