Forever a Nooot

March 12, 2013

What is a Nooot?!
must irritate my owl (RL boyfriend) sometimes. ;) This was our conversation on skype!

[3:05:35 PM] Sillieee Owl: you're better (heart)
[3:06:03 PM] Daniella: no I'm not, I'm a baddd person
[3:09:04 PM] Sillieee Owl: NO YOU'RE NOOOOTTTTT
[3:09:36 PM] Daniella: if I'm nooot? when what am I? :P
[3:11:05 PM] Sillieee Owl: ALWAYYSSSSS
[3:12:02 PM] Daniella: fine... I'm always a nooot :P
[3:12:19 PM] Sillieee Owl: :P
[3:12:23 PM] Sillieee Owl: no way
[3:12:23 PM] Daniella: hahaha
[3:16:42 PM] Sillieee Owl: :P
[3:17:04 PM] Daniella: (rofl)
[3:17:20 PM] Daniella: what exactly is a nooot?
[3:17:22 PM] Daniella: :P
[3:17:30 PM] Sillieee Owl: no idea :P

What's a nooot? Why am I a nooot? :O So many questions... so little time! 

See you for now. :)

[Note: I changed our names on Skype so don't bother searching up Sillieee Owl] :P

[Update!! After begging my BF to tell me what a noot was he said it meant naughty :P ]

What I'm wearing:
Skin: League - Isla in Medium Natural
Eyes: IKON - Eternal in Brown 
Hands: Slink - Mesh Hands 
Hair: Red(Mint) - Color Demos - Free
Dress: Enelya's Créations - Kalista Tunic

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