Loving You Is...

March 18, 2013

Hey all! I feel better now. :) I know... Daniellas are crazy! (Not offending any Daniellas I hope!) Well at least be glad to be seeing me in a good mood. I'd just like to share with you some old pics and my craziness below. :) Enjoy~

"Loving you is hard to explain. It's the feeling that makes sleeping at night the best because it's like sleeping on the clouds... As if I'm being lifted up in the air but at the same time a warm and sweet feeling inside. As if my heart has been lit up and burning brighter and stronger each second. Non-stop. I must be crazy :P" - Daniella

"My Silly Owl: No not crazy just sleepy and beautiful <3 Sleep now my naughty owl or else I'll have to go down there and make you! :P"

Hehehe. Now of course I was good and slept. ;) You have no idea how crazy I get at night. It's so super hard to sleep with things always running through my mind. 
These pictures are old but they still look alright. :D I'm not really that old anyway... LOL just a year and a bit. I just look newbie. Oh if you're wondering, I do not Photoshop any of my images for I do not own Photoshop. :P At times I may add filters and some effects from PicMonkey but a lot of the times I will just crop and add text. 

Have a good day!

What I'm wearing:
Skin: Felony (N/A Store Closed) - Merry Christmas from Felony
Eyes: Poetic Colors - Ocean Blue Surf
Dress: Siss Boom - Wellington
Hair: Osmose - Lanna in Onyx

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