Rise & Shine!

March 09, 2013

Rise and Shine
I feel purple today. Yes almost everyday is red, red, red for me. :P Not today because Red(Mint) (free to join) put a group gift up for their members. It is this purple hair! My purple Exposed Top is also free from Sakide on MP!

Oooh I also found this bluedrop ring free on MP by Layla. :D

Pretty much all the time my friend and I get up to and talk about the most random things! A couple of days a go this was how our convo went.

[2013/03/07 00:58]  Silly: hey owl
[2013/03/07 01:15]  Daniella (daniellabui): hey silly
[2013/03/07 01:15]  Silly: lol
[2013/03/07 01:15]  Silly: what's up hoot hoot
[2013/03/07 01:15]  Daniella (daniellabui): I need sleep!
[2013/03/07 01:16]  Silly: lol
[2013/03/07 01:16]  Daniella (daniellabui): lol
[2013/03/07 01:16]  Silly: lol  at this time!
[2013/03/07 01:16]  Daniella (daniellabui): ok maybe not now, I won't sleep anywher
[2013/03/07 01:16]  Daniella (daniellabui): anyway*
[2013/03/07 01:16]  Daniella (daniellabui): I need to look for my owl first :O
[2013/03/07 01:17]  Silly: lol
[2013/03/07 01:17]  Silly: oh..
[2013/03/07 01:17]  Silly: so that's what was in the oven
[2013/03/07 01:17]  Silly: oops
[2013/03/07 01:17]  Silly: lol
[2013/03/07 01:17]  Daniella (daniellabui): omg how could you?!
[2013/03/07 01:18]  Silly: it had feathers
[2013/03/07 01:18]  Silly: lol
[2013/03/07 01:18]  Daniella (daniellabui): Hey silly can I come over for dinner? >:S
[2013/03/07 01:18]  Silly: hmm what willyou bring?
[2013/03/07 01:19]  Daniella (daniellabui): a big knife.
[2013/03/07 01:19]  Silly: umm
[2013/03/07 01:19]  Daniella (daniellabui): and fork

I think "silly" knows who he is. ;P
Do not bother asking me who -I mean where that meatball came from. Yes I managed to save my owl! Silly if you dare steal my owl from me and put him in your oven again. This is will happen to ya! :P *Goes grab my big knife just in case*

What I'm wearing:
Skin: League - Isla in Medium Natural
Eyes: IKON - Sunrise Pale Rose 
Hands: Slink - Mesh Hands 
Jeans: Mon Tissu - Denim - 1929 Cigarette in Dark
Hair: Red(Mint) - gG 03'13 - Group Gift (free to join) - Free
Shirt: Sakide (on MP) - Exposed Top in Purple - Free
Ring: Layla - Bluedrop Ring - Free
Fork: Boof (on MP) - Fricking Huge Spaghetti Fork - (used to be free... Can't seem to find it in store)

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