The Haven

February 24, 2013


Hi there :) I did some exploring and picture taking because I think my avi needs to get out more. I came across this beautiful sim The Haven. Hehe I'm loving all the reds, hearts, flowers and lanterns. It's all very calming. 

Sim description: People sometimes come here looking for answers.....sometimes they find them....sometimes they don't.  
Sometimes people come here for comfort, someone to listen and somewhere to feel safe and peaceful.  This is more easily found.


Looks like a sleepy owl has found a place to be sleepy and relaxed :P Haha but I wish more people were here! So don't forget to visit The Haven! :)

Oh and if you're wondering what I'm wearing...

More red! Duh! :P
Kidding I'll tell you :) 

What I'm wearing: 
Skin: League - Isla 
Eyes: IKON - Eternal in Brown
Hair: Exile - Beyond the Waves
Dress: Toxic - Wrap Dress in Red (Clothes here are great and only $50L! Thank you Stevie Underby for letting me know! :)
Shoes: Purple Moon - Lace Pumps in White
Hands: Slink - Mesh Hands 

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