February 02, 2013

I Can Be a Scarecrow
Hellooooo oooohhhh I'm a scary scarecrow! Go away this instant or my buddy and I will scare you to death!

A while a go my good friend GinnerDave or Ginner (that's what I call him) invited me to go visit his friend's sim. This sim is called Westdell. It is peaceful and has an olden day style to it. 


The first thing I encountered when I went there was Ginner in his party outfit! Haha, along with some wisps of which at first, I had no idea what they were. Until Ginner told me :P 
I know.
 I need to get out more!

First Few Things I Did At Westdell

These were the few of the things I did with Ginner while exploring the sim. First I had to go look for weapons because you know... They are useful >:D Then I stood on a dog. Do not worry he did not get hurt, I am as light as a feather. After that we walked through the woods and found a house. We went raiding like crazy!
OK there was nothing in the house so I guess... our work here is done :D


When Ginner left, I decided to take photos. It is beautiful but sadly there wasn't any climbable trees for me, well that I found (I know I'm a bad owl monkey!) but I really did like how it looked especially the view from up high :D

Pretty Red Flowers

All these pretty red flowers 

So many flowers!

And more flowers! ♥ 

Come and pick flowers! 
... I mean come here and explore this wonderful sim :D

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