Hot Friday Afternoon

February 15, 2013

On the Beach

Yes! Thank goodness it's Friday! It has been a terribly hot day. I'm glad I'm at home now, with the cool air-con on. I am exhausted so short post today. 
Isn't it great how you can be anywhere in SL depending on your mood or if you're curious and like to see what a place would be like? OK of course you know it's great :P I can't just go to France, Winter Wonderlands, Valentine Town, Olden day places or climbing trees any time I want. That's the wonderful thing about SL. Exploring different places :) Might not be as good as RL because I loveeee heights and exploring in RL more of course but SL is different because there's creativity in the every sim I visit. Sometimes things you'll never find in RL but it's interesting :) 

Alright, I'll stop talking now. I'm cooling down at Las Arenas Rosadas. Come down to the beach!

Bye bye for now :)

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