Exploring SL: Valentine Town

February 10, 2013


Hey again! Don't run away I won't eat you. I was just exploring. This time I went to Valentine Town. The name says it all :D All the pinks, reds, sweets, shops and things got to do with Valentines you can find here! 

My friends

Even my good friends are here! :D I think they need your help so they can afford dog bones? Oh well, at least they get paid for what they do ;)


Yes as you can see I love bouncing around on my red gum ball. You can get free different coloured floating gum balls here! Yay gum balls for all :) 
Anyway did any of you remember the chocolates for me? No? :O Fine. At least the Oompa Loompas remembered. They are my valentine dates now!

oompa loompa
Oompa Loompa~

Things got a little out of hand...

But it's sooo good!

Hehehe. Too much chocolate *o*


Don't worry, I cleaned up just in case YOU don't end up eating me. I'm not that delicious anyway. Digi should know how many times I take showers in SL :P

Go to: 2013 Valentine Town

See you for now SL peeps!

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