Meme: I Wish Upon A Star...

May 05, 2013

I wish upon a star

I hope I'm not too late for this meme from Berry! I was waiting for that moment where the SL shooting star would appear... Until I found out three wishes were granted from genies, so I then went to find a lamp. :P I made my three wishes but they won't come true if I told you! That's the wishing rule. Well then again there was no point because everyones' wishes are pretty much like mine. Hahaha oh well, I share them with you anyway. :)

Wish 1: I wish I had a home. My own SL home! It would be nice to have my own privacy and freedom. Maybe even an island would be great. ;) Hehe the things I can get up to in Dani World (OK I'm kidding about Dani World... More like Daniville, Danielland, Dani-land, Danisland, Dani...)

Wish 2: I wish I had the skill and talent to create amazing things in SL. Why those people are so lucky. :P I would LOVE to create something! I will try one day if I have time. I wish I had more time. Whoops too many wishes, sorry. :P 

Wish 3: I wish Second Life had a better reputation so that I don't run into idiots newbs who want SLex! I mean so I can tell others I play it without feeling like a weirdo... I know some people who don't play SL think that the the game is for "sad people with no life" or perverts and dorks who need the virtual life SLex & gf/bf/furry etc. Well the truth is SL will never be perfect. There are different kinds of people in every corner of the world and in SL too. I guess that "not perfect" rule also applies to the real world. There will be sad people, lovely people, dramatic people and people who just want to have fun and enjoy life. SL is a game where you make it how you want to. I believe it doesn't have to have one particular label on its name. 

OK I would've gone on with more wishes but then again, I would tire my genie out so now I'm going to go look for a shooting star! :) 

Take care! xoxo 


What I'm Wearing:
Skin: Belleza - Ava #0 in Medium
Eyes: Mayfly - Deep Sky eyes in Amber Pitch
Eyelashes: Redgrave - Eyelashes -38- Classy
Hands: Slink - Mesh Hands
Hair: Truth - Brandy in Espresso
Outfit: LIV Glam - Boutique - Spring 2013 - Zola Print Dress (With Hud) (free / free to join group)
Shoes: GABRIEL - Mesh Open Toe Boots (free / free to join group)

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  1. I so hate that people just assume that if you are in SL you have some sort of depression or something. That's not the case at all. Let's hope one day #3 comes true!

    1. I'm with you Berry. Thank you for another great meme. :)

    2. hello ;3 , hehe i was wondering in what place did you take the photos? this place looks really awesome :D (you too lol)

    3. Hey there. :) I took these photos at Winter Moon. Link:



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