Exploring Totoro Sim with Silly

April 02, 2013

Hey! If you're wondering what I'm doing I'm taking a bath. It's so nice and warm and hot. ;) OK ignore me if you don't know what I'm on about. Anyway I went exploring with Digi recently and of course things went out of hand like always. :P Well anyone who explores with me gets a little crazy sometimes. Well this Totoro sim is awesome so you should visit it. :) I'll show you how my exploration went.

Totoro Digi
When I saw Digi, he was Totoro! As much as I wanted to take him home I didn't because he is evil! EVILLL!! I tell you. :P

My Totoro

Well after exploring the tree I found the REAL Totoro and he is beautiful. :) So cute! 

Silly and the Owl Bunny
Digi eventually turned back into his original form. :P 

Totoro Sim
I had fun climbing trees. :) The view was lovely. I don't know why Digi was standing there. He totally wrecked my shot! :P 

You Fell
Oh well I pushed him off... Which wasn't such a good idea because he ran after me and tried to steal my legs. D: I have no idea how he could run so fast with injured legs. 

Kiss the Frog
We eventually stopped at the house in the Totoro movie and found a frog which I thought was my prince. Was about to kiss it until Digi pointed out that it ate a fly... You know what flies eat... Chocolate. D: Well it was risky anyway. What if I turned into the frog? 

What are you perving at?
Digi and I were perving floors inside of the house. It's really nice. 

Digi Perving at the Cat Bus
I think Digi was perving the cat bus. 

My bro

OK I'm done! D: Too many pictures already. Btw meet Bob my owl brother! I found him here.

See you guys. :) Don't forget to come visit

PS. Sorry the photos aren't at it's best quality. :P I was too lazy and snapped everywhere! LOL.

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