Free: Aisha & Margot in Aquamarine

April 20, 2013

Aisha & Margot in Aquamarine

Hey there. :) It may look warm in this picture but I am freezing here! Autumn is pretty cold. My hand are dead freezing. I confess that a lot of the time I would complain about how cold my hands are which may irritate some of my friends because they'll be like, "OMG wear some gloves Dani!" Easy for you to say! Gloves only keep the coldness in for me so they do no good... Maybe I just need some looovee. LOL nevermind, I have enough. <3 Well you know what they say - cold hands warm heart.

I was going to write about other stuff (seeing that I haven't been blogging much about my SLife) but when I saw this Margot in Aquamarine dress from Chrysalis free! For only 3 days! I had to share it with you before it was too late. :P Yes you know I would never forget about you, readers and people who love amazing free fashion and stuff. :) If you're looking for it, it is upstairs along with other discounted things too.


Last thing I want to share is this gorgeous Aisha group gift skin from Al Vulo! Al Vulo is is free to join and what I love about their skins is the cute faces. <3

What I'm Wearing:
Skin: Al Vulo - Aisha -Barbie group gift - Free to join - Free
Eyes: Mayfly - Deep Sky eyes in Amber Pitch
Hair: Truth - Video Games - LightBrownFade RARE
Dress: Chrysalis - Margot in aquamarine - Free to join - Free 

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