Exploring Immersiva

April 06, 2013

ImmersivaHey there! Recently my avi went on a little adventure around Immersiva. The place is eerie but very interesting and beautifully detailed. I'm going to show you some of the pictures I have taken at this sim. :) That moment... where I'm going to post 934729 pictures up so get ready! Haha, well a picture is worth a thousand words?

Flying Chair

Found a flying chair!

The receptionist
The receptionist

The door said "The Rapist" but was misspelled so don't be afraid to enter.

The The Rapist's Collection
The therapist's collection.

The Rooms
These rooms each tell a different story.

Paper Boat
The paper boat is one of these stories.

Paper Boats Story
Each room interestingly had a butterfly in them.

Well I've told you more than nine thousand words now so I guess that's all for today! Haha don't forget to visit Immersiva.

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