The Dancing Owl

April 03, 2013

Today Black Hawk took me dancing. I sort of owe him a dance because the last time we talked he asked me to dance with him and I sort of left him to dance with a robot. 

Black Hawk & Owl
Haha, at first I was a little iffy because he wanted me to belly dance for him too. It was at a belly dancing place. Lol and owls can't really belly dance. :P I arrived in my red elegant dress but everyone was wearing actual belly dancing clothes which made me feel like a weirdo. LOL but Black Hawk disagreed. He said I looked sexy. Whatever you silly Hawk. :P 

Anyway it was all good. :) Was funny how the Arabic music was playing and none of us had an idea what it was about. :P Well I know for a fact, I probably won't be the best dancer but that's OK. I had fun stepping on peoples' foot, dancing in the boiling hot desert and falling into the wrong positions here and then. :)

Belly Dancing
Whooo! Look at me go. I'm belly dancing! Alright you can't really tell how good I am by just looking at photos... You got to be there. Go to Bellydance Goddess

Thank you very much Black Hawk for the amazing dance. :) Hope you had a beautiful night.

Goodnight everyone! :) Off I fly now~

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