Silly, Sweet, Sleepy Owl

January 31, 2013


I am SO TIRED! I really do try to sleep early but it's not really working :P So I decided to edit an old picture using PicMonkey.

Recently I saw how a lot of my friends had non-human avatars so I decided to look for a free one on marketplace to see what it was like being non-human :P

Silly Owl

I found a bird avi free on marketplace. I call it an owl because it has massive eyes. When you visit the store you can find more free bird avatars! Yay now everyone can be a silly owl/bird :)  

Sweet Owl

My owl avi is silly, sweet and sleepy! (Like me :D) It's small and walks pretty cute too.
My Silly Waffle Top Hat is free on MP as well as my zZZzZ head expression here. There are 4 different head expressions included.

Sleepy Owl
Yawn~ I think I might fall asleep.

Gosh. I need to go distract myself now so I don't fall asleep because if I do I won't be able to sleep tonight :P Stay awake Dani! I guess my brain isn't being helpful to me. See? I'm a REAL owl O,O
Whooooooo Hooooot for now~ 
I'm going to go jhsuiekjhsifping :P

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