Innocently waiting...

May 12, 2013


Don't I look all calm right now, holding my coffee and looking up into space again? I am one of the most mature people you could meet... Innocent, shy... LOL ok I am shy! Innocent? Hmmm most times anyway, I think. I am a wuss most times. I know for a fact though, that I am the worst liar in the world! I am also very curious. Too curious for my own good, people say. :P Anyway while I was meditating in SL a friend came up to me and we had the not-so-innocent or mature convo! LOL if you're wondering how SL virgins are... Well read this. 

Bob: i dont like sl sex and all but i like dance
Bob: watching ppl dance
Daniella (daniellabui): haha I've never had SL sex lol
Bob: ;)
Daniella (daniellabui): yeah I see :) it looks lovely
Bob: i m virgin too
Bob: lol
Daniella (daniellabui): hahaha
Daniella (daniellabui): yay
Bob: no dick
Bob: lol
Daniella (daniellabui): lol
Daniella (daniellabui): same
Daniella (daniellabui): :P
Bob: lol
Bob: dick?
Daniella (daniellabui): hahahaha
Bob: it must be horrible for yoou
Bob: lol
Bob: kidding
Daniella (daniellabui): hahaha yes the pain ;p Oh well
[Note: I changed his name because I am an angel.]

Well it might not be that bad for you! But I found it pretty hilarious. Especially since it feels like I haven't been meeting people in a while. I'm just too shy so I innocently wait for the opportunity to befriend someone. I am definitely getting my RL BF to join SL! You have no idea how many times I bump into some guy and they just ask if I want a SL bf because it could enrich my SLife. Well for me, one BF is enough thank you and I will consider it if my RL BF joins. The end. Lol Have a goodnight.

Lie Down

The Art Curator: "wonderful.....gorgeous feel to a lazy cat on a Sunday hehe"

Thank you The Art Curator! That was exactly what I was going for. I almost forgot. 



What I'm Wearing:
Skin: Belleza - Ava #0 in Medium
Eyes: Mayfly - Deep Sky eyes in Amber Pitch
Eyelashes: Redgrave - Eyelashes -38- Classy
Hands: SLink - Mesh Hands (av)
Hair: Truth - Edith in Espresso
Blouse: Erratic on MP - Amy Silk Blouse in red
Jeans: Monso - My First Jeans in Blue
Shoes: Purple Moon - Lace Pumps in White
Coffee: Free @Sweet Beans Cafe (My Location)

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