Tinies: Thank You!

May 06, 2013

Hey! I'm over here! Remember how I told you if you didn't sleep early you'll turn into an owl? No? Well let me explain again, no wait let me demonstrate... 

LOL and look I'm an owl. :) I finally got my owl avatar. Big and huge thanks to my tiny friends Gaea Singh, Mea Andretti and RayRay Mumfuzz for this lovely gift! They are one of the sweetest and cutest little tinies there are.

What is a tiny you might think? 
Here's a description I found in Gaea's shop, Steam Kitten - "A Tiny (PL Tinies), is an SL resident who wears a scripted avatar, which reducese him/her to approximately 2 feet in height. Tinies appear as animals, dragons, robots, aliens & just about any creature you can imagine. They are among the most creative critters in SL. There are many tiny sims in SL but one of the best is Raglan Shire. Please come visit us!"

My Tiny Grey Owl Avatar is from Wynxworks. Apart from owls there are many other adorable tinies to find there. The Tiny Grey Owl Avatar comes with a hud. I was playing with it in the photos above. Top left I am waving, clapping, sitting. At the bottom left to right I am lying down, crying and flying.

I met Gaea while I was exploring Raglan Shire. She was one of the first tinys I met who convinced me to get a tiny. She was kind enough to let me wonder through her store. Steam Kitten offers cute accessories, objects & vehicles for tinies, petites and humans. She also creates one of the most amazing robotic tinies! Look at how cute she was when I first met her! :)

These are my tiny friends. Omg I can't get over how cute they are. <3 The cat in the sailor suit is RayRay, the bunny rabbit in the police outfit is Mea and of course the little red Robot is Gaea. What I love and adore about my tiny friends is that under their cuteness, they are who they are. :) They each have their own uniqueness to them. You will hear them say "Tinies are the best" and I would have to somewhat agree because to me they bring out the laughter and joy of being themselves.

They must be one of the most fashionable tinies I've met! While I was with with them, they would change their little outfits constantly! I particularly love RayRay's Iron Cat look.

I wish I had saved the chat! :( They made me giggle. :)
Daniella: RayRay can you be my hero? 
RayRay: Save all the cute human girls! 
Mea Andretti: Put your hands up you are under arrest!
Hehehe I'm sorry tinies. You guys sound way cuter than that.

Again thank you Gaea, Mea and RayRay for introducing me to the world of tinies. I haven't learnt much yet but watching you guys felt like awesome fun and overwhelming sweetness. BIG soft owl hugs for each one of you & all the tinies & readers! :)

For all you wondering if I'll be forever an owl. Well, owl at night, human by day? :D (Except on Weekends) Hehe. well lets say I'm still on the human side but owl Dani will be useful for further huntings of certain. I mean cute-ing. Whichever. :P

Have a beautiful day or night. xoxo from your owl. :)

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