My SL Guilty Confessions *Cough*

May 24, 2013


OMG. I am so sorry for not being on SL! Real life business and sickness has gotten in the way of things. :( I am still sick... I should be lying in bed sleeping but instead I thought I would just sneak a post. :P

Sick owl needs some rest

So I guess I've missed a couple of Berry's fantastic memes! (I'm so guilty!) 
Which brings me to do this meme; "My SL Guilty confessions"
OK lets start.
  1. I am too shy. Lol it's a virtual world and all but there is a real person behind an avatar. I just feel awkward sometimes when I want to say hello to someone but I'm afraid if I become friends with them, they'll probably find me boring or SL anti-social (which I am becoming, seeing that so many events are taking place in my RL.) Even with some friends, sometimes I can't say hello because either I'm afraid I'll bother them or I might suddenly go busy on them. D: 
  2. I try not to buy L$ too often or at all because I think there is no need to use my money on virtual things. Unless I really really like them. Every once in a while I will give my avi some Lindens. :P (I am the worst avi owner) LOL. 
  3. I don't feel completely comfortable dancing with a partner in SL. I just don't know. It feels weird especially if the guy your dancing with always puts on the most intimate dances. >< Then I honestly really don't enjoy it. I have a RL bf so it feels wrong to me even though it's just dancing (with kissing, touching etc.) So if I don't agree to dancing with you, don't feel hurt about it. You're probably a good dancer, I am definitely not. :P
  4. Lol if you flirt I won't flirt back. Hahaha if you catch a guy flirting with me it'll most likely end in "You're no good at flirting." OH WELL. I wasn't trying to flirt crazy person. :P
  5. I take too many photos in SL. D: I have so many I should delete but just can't get myself to delete! Well I'm loving the new flickr because as you know I don't have a pro acc and the changes has allowed me to upload more pictures! (yay!) 
All right only five guilty confessions because my head is beginning to hurt. I hope everyone is happy, well and missing me. :P Thanks all who hope I get better. I will. :)

Ahhh! D:

OK my last last guilty confession... I still have ugly feet and am not going to bed! Not with this woman here! 

What I'm Wearing:

Skin: Belleza - Ava 0 in Medium

Eyes: Mayfly - Deep Sky Eyes in Amber Pitch

Hands: SLink - Mesh Hands (av)

Hair: Clawtooth - Sugar Kisses
Top: Hucci - Ramara Top in White 
Shorts: Mon TissuCuffed Denim Shorts - Classic Wash

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  1. hahaha loving all of the pictures in this post. Thanks for sharing yours. <3



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