Group Gift: Al Vulo! Alyss

January 29, 2013

Wishing Well
Helloooo is there anyone down there?

/me turns around. Oh there you are!

Wishing Well 2

I was just making a wish at the wishing well... I was wishing for some luck because I'm going to be pretty busy working soon in RL. Although I did get pretty lucky today. I'm not wearing my normal League Isla skin because Al Vulo! recently put up a group gift for their members. The group gift is this skin I'm wearing called Alyss.
Alyss Collage
The group is free to join! 
Aylss features parted lips which show teeth, light brows and a fair skin tone. I love when creators give out free gifts to their members. Thank them so much for their generosity  

Wishing Well 3

OK I'm pretty guilty (and lazy) for wearing the same outfit I wore a couple of days ago and more :P But I just love this hud!
There are options to change the colour of the blazer, rim, skirt, shirt and you can choose from the different tie type and colours. It is AMAZING! Go to Monso and try it for yourself.

Wishing Well 4

I'll just make sure no one is looking while I climb on top of the wishing well.

Wishing Well 5

Ahhhhh I love it up here!

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