Winter Wonderland

January 19, 2013

Look Digi! I'm driving! Well not a race car but a sleigh :P

My friend Digitalninja Ringo, Mr.Apple or Digi as I like to call him, mods cars and races around with them in SL. He loves his cars which is probably why he loves running me over with them. Well not this time! This time I have my sleigh.

Snow Sleigh

I may have looked innocent riding my sleigh but I'm not sure it lasted... Anyways I'll share with you what I've been doing in this winter wonderland sim.
Snow Collage
First off, I'm in my Natalie Coat in Ivory from G-Field and my Long Cuff Boots "Will" in Ivory is from G-Field as well, both items come with a hud where you can change the colour of the lace, cuff, ribbon and fur. This is what I was wearing to keep myself warm in Pally's Winter Wonderland Sim.


I stopped by a Merry-Go-Reindeer! Yay rides! This time I didn't fall asleep on the merry-go-round. How could I? Do you know how freezing my butt was on that ice? :O
Hello Mr.Snowman, nice scarf :P

You don't need to know how cold my butt was any more. It warmed up again ;P Yes, I am into snow-globes and no I don't know how I got into one :P They are lovely though and I also made a friend there :) Mr.Snowman here was nice enough to accompany me in my time of loneliness. I asked him about the weather and he answered "It's just snow isn't it?"... We had an interesting chat.

Alright, alright. I'll let you guys know what happened to me and my sleigh :(

I crashed into a mountain of snow! Just like that.

Now I really know what Digi thinks of my driving...

Your sleigh to Pally's Winter Wonderland:

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