Tree Climbing Owl

January 29, 2013

Tree at Daydream Island
Hello again :)

You should know by now how much I love heights. I found my favourite tree at Daydream Island!

Tree at Daydream Island 2
What I'm wearing:

I think with every tree I pass, I click on them to see if they are climbable and if they are then YES! I love it. 
Why I love heights? I just don't know. I guess I love being high up off the ground sometimes. My friends think I'm crazy because I love heights that much but do you know what I love more than heights? High and speedy rides! I want to go back to Queensland, to Dreamworld and go on the Giant Drop again. I went on it three times a couple years a go. The Giant Drop is 119 meters high (39 storeys) and drops right down *o* Then I'll go on a couple roller coasters :D My dream come true ♥ 

Tree at Daydream Island 3

Come here and try climbing my tree :P If you're not climbing then daydream all you want while you're at Daydream Island.

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