What the?!

January 30, 2013

Sometimes I feel bad for what women have to go through in SL. OMG this is what happened to me today! I was peacefully (innocently :P) skipping around a nice sim, minding my own business when this so called man bumps into me and this is what he said:

OldNoob: Hello 
you are very sexy
Me: Uhhh thanks?
OldNoob: do you want sex?
Me: What?!
OldNoob: I know a very nice place. OK? Please come
Me: No
OldNoob: I have a 12 inch cock
Me: :O OMG you are sick. What makes you think a 12 inch cock would impress me?
OldNoob: 12 inch very good... you should try it
Me: I only care about the person not the size! Go find someone else.
OldNoob: but baby... I want you
Me: I have a BF and I don't even know you.
(He obviously doesn't care or didn't listen)
OldNoob: you're a beautiful sexy girl, I want you
OldNoob: Please... It will be good I promise 

Then I teleported some place else and he finally shuts up gives up.

Note: I changed his name to something that suited him and fixed ALL his spelling mistakes to protect his identity because I am an angel. :P


I would've kicked his 12 inch off 982769909 inches into the sky! OK maybe that's a little too far but I think he would've deserved it. Hehe although it was good thing I had my camera with me. I mean look at him! He's wearing BLING! I can't even see myself, it's blinding :( LOL and I've seen what SL use to look like in the past (maybe around 2005 from blogs) and he presents that look well. I mean is it just me that thinks it's weird how new residents would dress like this if the normal avatar they start with looks OK? (Better than OldNoob here) It is crazy! Also do most new residents think that SL is about sex? 
Take for instance OldNoob here. OldNoob thinks that he can get any girl he wants in SL because it's just a game.

Well guess what?

1. It won't happen. (Especially if you look like OldNoob)
2. SL is a game (maybe not to some) but people enjoy it without stupid people.
3. Begging is not cool (also bling).
4. People have the right to be treated with respect because there IS a real person behind an avatar.
5. SL is not all about sex.

So newbies. Please DO NOT go around showing off your 12 inch freenises thinking every girl would want you because the truth is you can't always get what you want in life, even in SL :P

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