More Food?! Daniella's Nutella.

January 21, 2013

Daniella's Nutella
Would you like some Nutella?

This is a good opportunity for me to show you my Nutella bread :) Given to me by my friend Kindoi Writer. The nutella doesn't come with it. The nutella jar and pose is a hunt item from Icons of Style. In this hunt you are looking for 10 tiny blue hearts which each contain unique poses.

what I'm wearing: 
Skin: *League* Skin Isla Medium -Natural
Hair: ::Exile:: Beyond the Waves: Raven
Eyes: Ikon Eternal Brown
Dress: ~Sassy!~ Anastasia dress - pearl
Nutella bread: Gift from Kindoi 

My friends are very generous and I thank all of them for their fun, amazing gifts. Funny because a lot of the things they give me are food. Where are my red roses? No I'm kidding, I've gotten enough of those :) But yes I get a lot of food (Not like I'm going to starve and eat you or something!) I'm innocent I tell you.

These are some of the things given to me by my awesome friends!
Barmy Narna & Nuts!
I love my bananas and nuts!

Lol my bananas and nuts are from GinnerDave (GinnerDave Mohindi). Why eat a banana when I can become one? Thanks Ginner. I should be calling them what they are called. The banana's names are Barmy and Narna :) I find these pretty useful when I'm looking for something to eat.. Seriously everyone should have nuts, Barmys and Narnas in their inventory (especially if they love Bananas or nuts). Haha I perfer these nuts and bananas people so... no need to give me any of yours.

Chicken Noodles
I like Chicken :P

My KFC bucket is from Digi. He must think I'm a chicken. I am so not but I know he is :) I'm checking the soup he's given me... I'm not sure it's safe, he's a ninja after all. A sneaky one. As long as I can handle him... Although he's completely silly and fun to be around :P

Largest Pancake!

Especially since he's given me the World's Largest Pancake! :D LOL

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