My Newbie Days

January 26, 2013

Do you remember your early days of being a newbie? Of course it was scary! Well for me. No one really helped me so I learnt most of everything myself :P
I was rezzed on November 08, 2011 and of course we all probably keep our newbie photos somewhere for laughs! I have so many but I'll share with you a couple so you guys know how I was growing up and looked during the early stages of my SL childhood.

This is newbie me. The avatar I started with and had a hard time finding free skins, clothes and stuff for! There was this one time where I was trying to put on clothes for the first time and awkwardly I became NAKED and FRUSTRATED thinking "OMG where have my clothes disappeared?!" Hehe good times.

My avi slowly develops. Gets new skin, hair, clothes and shape made by myself.

Later changes again. This time skin and I had blue eyes. I rarely ever change my skin so when I find a skin that looks good on my shape I keep that skin for some time.


Soon later, I updated my graphics drive and then I could enable SHADOWS! Yay! I love shadows 


Then there's me now! Brown eyed, new skin and wearing more red! Hehe.

Sometimes Second Life is sort of like a survival game. Learning how to do this and that, avoiding this and that and just adjusting to a new environment.

LOL that's why I just have to show this video made by Sean Krueger. It is hilarious!

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