LOL you're silly as!

January 28, 2013

Hi there!

 Sorry for the not so good quality photos. Most of them were print screened or really old! I just wanted to post these up to scare my friend Digi :P

I like chicken dance!

I can still kick your butt even if you have that Bruce Lee head on :P

shoop da whoop!


You have something stuck... Errr through your snout.

OMG how many mask/hat things do you have? :P And you say you aren't crazy about them!

Something always happen when I'm with Digi. Whether it's me kicking his butt, throwing him in a volcano or he's running over me with his car, making the Gods angry, causing a huge tornado, flood, volcano, etc. It all seems about right :) I need to get him back but HOW?

Hehe I'm not a stalker! OK? Don't you dare call me that because I take photos :P

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