January 17, 2013



I went to visit France recently because I felt like exploring and was finding ways to distract myself. I was sooooo sleepy. I had to keep myself awake or else I would've be up all night again! So what was the first thing I did in France? I flew up the Eiffel tower, like every owl does (maybe just me). I LOVE heights! Love them, love them, love them! 

Did I stay up there all day? Nooo, not until I found this... :D

A FREE parachute! 

I would love to go skydiving in real life :) I will one day! For now let's practice in SL. No one gets hurt practising here, right?

This doesn't seem so high... I am ready to jump it!

Alright. After falling for probably about 200 meters, I remember to open my parachute. Sorry but I was really excited! 

This happened...



I hit into a glass building. Leg through glass, face flat on glass, Parachute stuck on building. People on the inside were probably wondering why their building was being attacked by some crazy maniac in the sky... You wouldn't want see what happened the second time. Let's say the parachute worked but I fell flat on my face :/

I'm an artist

After that, I settled down, found some chalks and started drawing. 
What can I say? I'm an artist!

I'm an artist!
I went to see what Mr. Show-Off here drew.


Not bad, but I think my drawing was better :P

More pictures of what I did:


Road a horse around town.


Went on the Fairest Wheel


And fell asleep on a merry-go-horse... Hey where are the handles?
Le taxi to France~

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